Hello Riders!
Another reminder of spring trail info;
Green Lines are ATV/UTV trails
The TUSCOBIA/TRAIL 10: Open to ATV/UTV’s in Sawyer County all year (with exception of fall closure 11/15-12/15 hunting). Trail 11 off of #10 known as the 9 Mile Loop also stays open.
COUNTY MANAGED LAND: These are the areas in the dark green on the map. These areas are open to ATV only, winter riding until APRIL 1ST. UTV’s are NOT allowed on county managed trails for winter riding until grooming officially halts for the snowmobile season. The groomers are no longer out so UTV’s CAN be ridden on county managed trails until APRIL 1ST. APRIL 1st ALL county managed lands will be closed until MAY 15th with the exception of trail #11/9 Mile Loop south of Couderay (attached to trail 10/The Tuscobia). While this loop is on county manage land they do keep it open in the spring. So to clarify, right now all county managed trails are open to both vehicles until APRIL 1st then spring closure will take place and will reopen May 15th unless forestry decides to open sooner. We will update with any changes closer to that date.
STATE MANAGED TRAILS: Orange areas. Trails 1, 25, 36 in the Flambeau are closed 11/15-5/15.
CHEQUAMEGON NATIONAL FOREST/Federal managed trails: Light green area on map CLOSES MARCH 15th-MAY 1st to all off road and snow. This includes the Dead Horse #25.
ROADS/ROUTES: Open all year round.
Thank you again for checking in. We will have our spring closure for much of the county April 1st while conditions dry up. Those trails that are closed for spring closure will open between May 1st – May 15th. The Forestry may decide to open earlier or push back depending on conditions. Most years they are open early or on time, we will keep you updated with any information provided as we near May.

Please contact Chequamegon National Forest’s District Recreational Info at 715-634-4821 for additional questions. For the Flambeau State Forest call 715-332-5271

Non-Resident Trail Pass is Required for ATVs.

State law requires ATV to operate with headlights on at all times.

Sawyer County allows the use of Side by Sides on ALL ATV TRAILS including those in the Chequamegon National Forest.