Hayward Lakes ATV Trails

For the ATV and motorcycle enthusiast, the Chequamegon National Forest contains over 140 miles of trails.

The Hayward Lakes Area of Northern Wisconsin is blessed with very challenging ATV trails. A growing number of enthusiasts have made this area one of the top ATV destinations in Wisconsin and the Midwest because our trails are probably the best in the state of Wisconsin.

A common phrase around the Hayward Lakes Area is “Welcome to the Northwoods."  This warm greeting is based on much more than geography.  It embodies a retreat to where the trees are towering, the air smells of pine, and wildlife roams.  There is no better way to immerse yourself in this outdoor paradise than to mount an ATV and drive in.

Sawyer County has hundreds of miles of ATV/UTV trails weaving throughout these Northwoods.  So many miles of trails translates to a riding adventure for all.  Your journey through the Seeley Hills will have you travel down ever-bending pathways, zip along hill crests, and splash your way through valleys.  Soak in some moments to look around and see the beauty surrounding you.

Sawyer County Roads and Routes

Behind this tranquil scene lies an adrenaline rush to be experienced.  ATV/UTV’s are built upon a horsepower foundation for a reason.  Open up the throttle and fly down dirt trails!  Take your skills over to the Dead Horse Trail and hurl mud all over as you work your way through the 56 mile stretch.

National Forest

For the ATV and motorcycle enthusiast, the Chequamegon National Forest contains over 140 miles of trails. Three separate trail systems with adjoining loops offer an exciting scenic tour of the forest. Trails wind over rolling terrain, with towering forests and panoramic views of meadows and wetlands. Unique to the state of Wisconsin, these ATV trails offer an unparalleled touring experience of the Chequamegon National Forest.  Side by sides are legal in the national forest and are especially relevant to those users.

Whether you are on a peaceful family cruise, a mud-slinging adventure, or an all-inclusive tour, it can all be done in the Hayward Lakes area.  Then share your stories over laughter and smiles at one of the area’s wonderful and welcoming businesses.  There are souvenirs, cold drinks, hot food, and warm beds for all.  When you hear “Welcome to the Northwoods,” you will know you are in the right place!